Trevor James Cantabile Flute


Flute shown with closed tone holes and C-foot configuration.

When you transition from your first flute, you really are looking for a flute which is going to open up every performance possibility for you. Without any hesitation, we therefore know that you will be truly surprised and really excited at what you feel and hear when you play the TJ Cantabile and it’s new ‘Voce’ headjoint.  You will find rich, deep, wide tonal options along with the ability to play ppp through to fff and more!!


‘Voce’ Headjoint

Instead of the usual way of making a flute headjoint which is where you take a separate lip plate, then solder on to an individual riser (chimney) and then solder these two on to a headjoint tube, the ‘Voce’ lip and riser are made in a one-piece ‘cast’ out of 925 silver to our own handmade design.  This adds more ‘mass’ as additional 925 silver is used in the ‘cast’ making process compared to the usual way of making a headjoint (used by most other flute brands).


This new ‘Voce’ headjoint on the TJ silver-plated ‘Cantabile’ body lifts the instrument into a much higher performance category, but without you having to dig deeper in to your pocket!


The TJ Cantabile flute has 925 silver headjoint, silver-plated body, footjoint tube and silver-plated French style pointed key arm mechanism.



  • 925 silver one-piece cast silver lip’riser soldered on to  925 silver headjoint
  • 925 silver headjoint tubing from Japan
  • Stunning headjoint design
  • Pointed key arm mechanism
  • Solid heavy weighted headjoint crown
  • Triple-plated finish
  • High quality Italian pads
  • Hidden adjusting screws
  • Beautiful cherrywood case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • White internal cleaning cloth
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Owner Guide
  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops