Interview with Jerry Cook

Today we are featuring another staff member to interview. This time it is our very own Jerry Cook!

Andy: Introduce yourself. What is your main instrument and what kind of music do you like to play?

Jerry: My name is Jerry Cook. My main instrument is saxophone and I like to play blues and jazz.

Andy: What was your earliest memory of music and what was your first instrument?

Jerry: I remember hearing classical & jazz when I was very young. Of course I grew up hearing the Beatles as well. But my very first instrument was the violin when I was 8 years old, and I started clarinet in Grade 6.

Andy: What do you do at Massullo Music?

Jerry: I repair saxophones and clarinets.

Andy: How did you first get involved in the repair business and what drew you here?

Jerry: I started repairing 16 years ago when I was teaching at another music store. I started helping out in repair shop in the summers when the lessons slowed down for the school break, and I eventually learned enough to work on instruments year round. I started working here in 2004.

Andy: What is your favourite part of being a musician / repair technician?

Jerry: My favourite part about being a musician is playing live with other like-minded musicians. My favourite part of being a technician is the satisfaction of making an instrument play well, especially if it involves some tough problem solving.

Andy: What is your least favourite thing to do at work?

Jerry: Clean out green scum from inside instruments. Swab out your instruments people!

Andy: What is your most favourite thing to do at work?

Jerry: Overhaul a real nice sax, and then get to play test it!

Andy: Who is the funniest guy at work?

Jerry: George Carlin (on my iPhone).

Andy: Who is the most serious guy at work?

Jerry: Chad.

Andy: Who brings in the most disgusting instruments, sax players or brass players?

Jerry: Tied.

Andy: What are three words of advice that would you give to someone wanting to be an instrument repair technician?

Jerry: Go to university!

Thanks Jerry for being such a good sport. Check us out again next week for another interview!