Interview with Mr. Massullo

Today’s interview is with our boss, Sandro Massullo. Sandro has been in the repair business for decades and has been running Massullo Music since 2001.

Andy: Introduce yourself. What is your main instrument and what kind of music do you like to play?

Sandro: My name is Sandro Massullo.  I dabble with all the instruments but I would say that trumpet would be my main instrument. I am open to all genres of music but probably most comfortable playing classical music.

Andy: What was your earliest memory of music and what was your first instrument?

Sandro: Coming from an Italian background there was always Italian folk music playing in our home. I was completely fascinated with the sound of the accordion. My parents signed me up for lessons and after a full year of solfege, they purchased my first accordion.

Andy: What do you do at Massullo Music?

Sandro: I am involved in all aspects of the business.

Andy: How did you first get involved in the repair business and what drew you here?

Sandro: I first was turned on to musical instrument repairs when one of my one trumpets suffered some untimely damage just days before a major band  trip. I was completely impressed with the work and thought “I can do this.”

Andy: What is your favourite part of being a musician / repair technician?

Sandro: I love working with people. The most satisfying part of repairing an instrument to me is the expression on the customers face when they finally test play the instrument on completion of the work.  Knowing that you have made a difference and helped a musician out with their instrument is everything.

Andy: What is your least favourite thing to do at work?

Sandro: My least favourite thing to do at work is clerical work.

Andy: What is your most favourite thing to do at work?

Sandro: Where to begin, there is so much of my work that I love to do.  I guess modifying key work, manufacturing of parts and trouble shooting are some of my favourites.

Andy: Who is the funniest guy at work?

Sandro: We all have our moments but Tom can be one of the funniest guys at Massullo Music.

Andy: Who is the most serious guy at work?

Sandro: Chad.

Andy: Who brings in the most disgusting instruments, sax players or brass players?

Sandro: French horn (just because they’re harder to take apart). Sorry.

Andy: What are three words of advice that would you give to someone wanting to be an instrument repair technician?

Sandro: I think the 3 most important things you have to have are patience, mechanical aptitude, and a love for music.

Thanks for answering those questions. Photo: Left – Sandro Massullo, Right – Nicholas Massullo