New Arrivals – Two Mark VI Tenors!

We have some new Mark VI Tenors in our inventory now. The first one here is one in beautiful condition that was very lightly used. It was brought in by a customer that remembers it coming over from Europe when he was a kid in the late 60s. However, since his dad was mainly an Alto player, this Tenor was only very lightly used and kept in the condition it is in today. Whoever ends up buying this instrument would be only its second owner. Check out some closeup pictures and hear it demoed by our own Tom Gould:

Our second Mark VI was owned by a local professional musician. It is a serial number 95,xxx made in the early 60s, which is one of the most desirable and sought after ranges of Mark VIs. Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we are going to be posting pictures of it very shortly!