Custom Strap Hooks for a Euphonium

This customer asked us to add strap hooks to his euphonium so that he could wear it hands-free while at rest. This involved selecting a suitable place to position two strap hooks that would not only bear the weight of the instrument, but also provide a nice balanced position at rest.

Once we had selected the location of the strap hooks, we had to modify them so that the curvature of the base matched the curvature of the tubing. This was particularly challenging trial-and-error process because the placement of the strap hooks was on tubes that changed in flare as well as curvature. In order to do delicate work like this, we used a special tool to properly deform the strap hook base in all three dimensions. Matching the curves exactly allows us to minimize the amount of solder used and maximize the strength of the join.

After the strap hooks were soldered on, that area was given a hand polish. A dremel tool was used to remove some staining on the strap hooks only, never on the actual instrument itself. See the results below!