Special visit from Wayne Shorter’s horns

We were honoured to have a special guest in our shop on Tuesday this week. No, it wasn’t Wayne Shorter himself, but his tour manager came by with Wayne’s horns to be adjusted before the jazz fest show that night. It was a special treat for Jerry to be trusted with working on the horns and of course have the opportunity to check them out up close.

According to Wayne’s manager, Wayne plays on two different tenor horns. The tenor that Wayne played in the show was a 40,000 serial number Selmer with a solid silver neck. The soprano that he played that night was a Yamaha Custom.

That night, a few of us at the shop went down to enjoy the show and have a short visit back stage.

We want to extend our thanks to Wayne and his tour manager for stopping by our shop!

Photo Left: Jerry working on Wayne’s Yamaha Custom soprano sax.