Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Tenor Sax – Customer Review

We just received a great customer review of the Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Tenor Saxophone. Thanks to Ron Bull for writing the review.

A Few Comments About : 

My new Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Tenor Sax 

Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Tenor SaxophoneIn November 2012, I had my Selmer Mark VI into Massullo Music for some adjustments. What happened next has changed my life in playing the saxophone. 

Sandro Massullo asked if I would like to give the Trevor James SC RAW a try, and within a few days I was back at his shop to make the purchase. 

This horn just feels so comfortable and correct in my hands; the ergonomics are excellent and the action is outstanding. Believe me when I say that Trevor James has “hit a home run” with the introduction of these models. I have tried many of the newcomers on the market, and done extensive research in my quest to find a “backup horn” to my trusty old Mark VI. 

It did not take long for me to realize that the Trevor James SC RAW actually plays so much better and blows so much more easily than my Selmer instrument. So needless to say, my Selmer is now the backup to my new “go to horn” the TJ SC Raw. 

At gigs I receive numerous comments to the effect that “you sound so much better than you did two years ago” and “what vintage is that old horn that you are playing on?” 

Nothing could make this musician any happier. 

Thank you for encouraging me to try this horn Sandro Massullo and thank you Trevor James for all the research and development that you have executed so well with this model. 


Ron Bull 

Surrey, B.C.