Vintage Saxophone Neck Repair

This is an example of some of the extreme damage that we are able to repair. This customer brought us a saxophone neck from his vintage Conn 10M. Replacement was not a good option because vintage parts are difficult to find and are likely to change the character of the instrument, so we set to work on repairing the damaged part.

We unsoldered the posts, repaired the dent, and then soldered the posts back on. We also had to replace the bent octave key rod with a custom fit replacement as the original was unsalvageable. The trickiest part of this repair was soldering the posts while keeping all of the floating elements suspended in place in order to ensure the mechanism functioned as one when assembled.

During the finishing process, the oxidized finish on the neck was polished to a golden sheen, but it will return to match the rest of the horn over time. After the repair was completed, the part looks and functions as new.