All About Ligatures

Ever think all ligatures are the same? We think that the ligature makes a huge difference in the sound your instrument makes since it is so close to the first point your air contacts the instrument. We carry ligatures for a variety of all features and budgets so you can come in and see for yourself what a difference they make.

These are our best selling ligatures:

  • Theo Wanne – Many of our professional customers like these ligatures because of the swappable pressure plate system. This ligature kit comes with two different pressure plates to let you find the exact sound you’re looking for. If that’s not enough, there are a total of six different pressure plate materials that you can try.


  • Francois Louis – This is one of our lightest ligatures that lets the reed and mouthpiece vibrate freely.



  • Brancher – This ligature holds your reed on using a simple steel wire design. This allows for minimal contact and a clear & brilliant sound.



  • Vandoren Optimum – This clarinet ligature is favoured by many of the professional classical players in Vancouver that visit our shop.



  • Vandoren Masters – This is a lightweight ligature with two contact points. It is a very popular choice with our customers. However, it has ceased final production and what we have on hand is the only stock we will be able to get.


  • Vandoren M|O – Vandoren has replaced its Masters series with this new model, which is a combination of the Masters and Optimum designs.



  • Rico – Sturdy nickel plated construction 4-point system applies equal pressure to the reed.



  • Rovner – This is ligature gives a good sound at an affordable price and is the choice of many professionals. It is made of a soft rubber material that can withstand heavy use, which is also great for a young player or a student.

Be sure to check out some of the Saxophone Ligatures we currently have in stock!