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Custom Metal Resonators

Some saxophone players like to change the resonators in their horns and give it a bit more punch. We replaced the plastic resonators in these pads with Noyak metal resonators. When there wasn’t a resonator that matched the size of a tone hole perfectly, we filed down a larger resonator for a custom fit. The […]

Custom trumpet bell brace reversal

One of our customers, a professional jazz musician, asked us to reverse one of the bell braces so that it left more of the bell to vibrate freely. This involved unsoldering the brace, slightly modifying the brace to account for the changes in angle and radius, and then resoldering the brace under zero pressure. See […]

Custom Strap Hooks for a Euphonium

This customer asked us to add strap hooks to his euphonium so that he could wear it hands-free while at rest. This involved selecting a suitable place to position two strap hooks that would not only bear the weight of the instrument, but also provide a nice balanced position at rest. Once we had selected […]

Zero Pressure Leadpipe Replacement

Leadpipe changes are something that we are requested to do fairly frequently. This customer was formerly using a Lawson leadpipe on his Paxman horn and asked us to restore the original leadpipe. We unsoldered the Lawson leadpipe and resoldered the factory leadpipe under zero pressure. Zero pressure means we do not put any pressure on […]