Custom Repairs & Modifications

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Vintage Saxophone Neck Repair

This is an example of some of the extreme damage that we are able to repair. This customer brought us a saxophone neck from his vintage Conn 10M. Replacement was not a good option because vintage parts are difficult to find and are likely to change the character of the instrument, so we set to […]

Flugelhorn Deep Clean

This flugelhorn was brought to our shop for a deep cleaning after not having been serviced for approximately ten years. Our brass specialist Tom Gould personally cleaned this horn and you can see it has returned to a like-new condition. Warning: some of the photos before cleaning may be disturbing to some viewers!

Custom Metal Resonators

Some saxophone players like to change the resonators in their horns and give it a bit more punch. We replaced the plastic resonators in these pads with Noyak metal resonators. When there wasn’t a resonator that matched the size of a tone hole perfectly, we filed down a larger resonator for a custom fit. The […]

Custom trumpet bell brace reversal

One of our customers, a professional jazz musician, asked us to reverse one of the bell braces so that it left more of the bell to vibrate freely. This involved unsoldering the brace, slightly modifying the brace to account for the changes in angle and radius, and then resoldering the brace under zero pressure. See […]