Grafton Alto Saxophone – c.1955 Serial No. 12xxx – $9,495

This is a late-model Grafton Alto Saxophone made from acrylic and plastic, c.1955. These horns were briefly popular in the 1950s when there was a post-war shortage of metal and Grafton could sell these instruments for about half the price of a metal saxophone. They got a further boost when Charlie Parker played a Grafton in Massey Hall in 1953. In the 1960s, these horns declined in popularity for players due to their brittleness and fragility. Few remaining examples of this horn exist today.

This particular horn has a fully intact body and all three clear plastic key guards. The bell brace is also intact, which is a rarity for these instruments. There are some cracks starting to form in the key guards, but they are generally in good condition and still clear. Another indication that this is a late-model Grafton is the residual marking that John E. Dallas is the distributor, which did not happen until later in the horn’s production life.