Interview with Chad Makela

We have a special treat for you today, the first of a series of interviews with our staff. The first volunteer was Chad Makela who is always a good sport.

Andy: Introduce yourself. What is your main instrument and what kind of music do you like to play?

Chad: I’m Chad Makela and my main instrument is the baritone saxophone. I love all types of music and have the widest range of music on my mp3 player, everything from pop to rap to hard metal to classical symphonies…┬ábut I specialize in jazz.

Andy: What was your earliest memory of music and what was your first instrument?

Chad: My earliest memory is listening to my dad play me some Buddy Rich albums. The sound of that massive band just blew me away and inspired me to pick up the bari sax.

Andy: What do you do at Massullo Music?

Chad: I mainly repair clarinets, work the sales floor, and do shipping / receiving.

Andy: How did you first get involved in the repair business and what drew you here?

Chad: I first got involved because I wanted to know how my sax worked. I like all the mechanics of it. The rest is history!

Andy: What is your favourite part of being a musician / repair technician?

Chad: The best part about being a musician is the freedom of self expression through my music.

Andy: What is your least favourite thing to do at work?

Chad: Sweep the sidewalk / clean the bathroom.

Andy: What is your most favourite thing to do at work?

Chad: Vintage clarinet overhauls. Bring them to me!

Andy: Who is the funniest guy at work?

Chad: Jerry.

Andy: Who is the most serious guy at work?

Chad: Me.

Andy: Who brings in the most disgusting instruments, sax players or brass players?

Chad: It is about 50 / 50.

Andy: What are three words of advice that would you give to someone wanting to be an instrument repair technician?

Chad: Attention. To. Detail.

Thanks Chad for letting us know a bit more about you!