Interview with Tom Gould



Today’s interview is with our brass specialist, Tom “Solid” Gould. Tom handles all of our custom brass modification and repair. Even though Tom handles our brass work, he is actually a very accomplished saxophone player.

Andy: Introduce yourself. What is your main instrument and what kind of music do you like to play?

Tom: My main instrument is tenor sax and I play a 1961 Selmer Mark VI. I mainly play blues, R&B, and jazz.

Andy: What was your earliest memory of music and what was your first instrument?

Tom: I came from a pretty musical family. My dad used to play 4 string banjo and we’d have sing-a-longs around the kitchen table. My mom was a professional singer back in Veitnam.

Andy: What do you do at Massullo Music?

Tom: I am a brass repair specialist here. I handle all brass instruments from piccolo trumpets to Bb tubas!

Andy: How did you first get involved in the repair business and what drew you here?

Tom: I got my first start in the business doing sales at another music store, but my real interest was always repairs. I loved to watch Bob MacDonald and Sandro working on my horns. I first started at Massullo Music doing sales, but when the opportunity came to learn repair work from Sandro I jumped right on it starting from just learning how to clean instruments.

Andy: What is your favourite part of being a musician / repair technician?

Tom: The best part of being a musician is the camaraderie between musicians.

Andy: What is your least favourite thing to do at work?

Tom: I love it all! But if I had to choose, case repair.

Andy: What is your most favourite thing to do at work?

Tom: I love the challenge of doing custom work. Right now I am working on converting a fixed-bell French horn to a detachable-bell. Any time cutting is involved I am super careful!

Andy: Who is the funniest guy at work?

Tom: Jerry.

Andy: Who is the most serious guy at work?

Tom: CHAD.

Andy: Who brings in the most disgusting instruments, sax players or brass players?

Tom: Tie.

Andy: What are three words of advice that would you give to someone wanting to be an instrument repair technician?

Tom: 1. Be good at problem solving. 2. Be good with your hands. 3. Love what you do. 4. I know that was more than 3 words.

Thanks to Tom & Jerry for being such a good sports the last two weeks. Check us out again next week for our final interview with guess who!