New shipment of Trevor James Saxophones!

We have just received a new shipment of Trevor James saxophones! Come down to the shop to try one out!

Trevor James Saxophones and Flutes[portfolio_slideshow id=5828 exclude=”5848, 5897″]

Established in 1979, Trevor James has become a highly respected maker
and innovator of musical instruments. We are proud to be the exclusive
distributor of these instruments in B.C. and will be happy to put one of them
in your hands.

Tenor Saxophones

Signature Custom Raw Tenor Saxophone

SR Tenor Saxophone

Classic II “The Horn” Tenor Saxophone

Alto Saxophones

Signature Custom Raw Alto Saxophone

SR Alto Saxophone

Classic II “The Horn” Alto Saxophone

Here is a video of Chad Makela playing a Signature Custom Raw Alto Saxophone!