Contract Form


*The minimal rental period is three months.
*Payments are made quarterly (every three months)in advance.
*The lessee may terminate the contract by returning the instrument to MASSULLO MUSIC. Please DO NOT
RETURN THE INSTRUMENT TO THE SCHOOL as this agreement is between Massullo Music and the lessee,
not the School.
*Ownership of the instrument remains with Massullo Music Ltd. Until the total rental paid is equal to the
value noted in this agreement.
*The lessee is responsible for any shipping charges to Massullo Music, whether returned for repair, or
termination of the agreement.
*The lessee is responsible for the loss, damage, theft, or destruction of the instrument. In the event of the
irreparable damage, loss, or theft, the total value less payments applied becomes payable in full

Instrument Choice / Payment Information

After receiving the contract we will contact you to discuss your instrument choice and payment information. You can pick up the instrument in-store or have it delivered to the school for a small fee.