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Organic Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Reeds

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Ideal for Jazz, Rock & Pop

The D'Addario Select Jazz cut features a strong, well-defined heart and longer vamp, yielding unprecedented projection and a clear, fat tone, with unsurpassed flexibility and lightning-fast response. Available with or without a French file. 

Select Jazz reeds feature the thickest spine and blank of D'Addario's jazz reeds with a traditional tip shape. The Select Jazz cut offers great projection, focus, and a dark sound. They are available in both filed and unfiled models. Offered in third strengths, as opposed to half strengths, players can choose the most precise strength for their individual equipment.


A reed that goes through one additional cutting process that removes bark from the reed’s shoulders. This allows for faster vibration. This style of reed tends to pair well with darker mouthpieces such as Otto Links, Meyers, Vandoren V16's, or Jody Jazz HR*s.

A reed is unfiled when bark from the reed’s shoulders remains intact. Many players enjoy the added resistance of this additional material. This style of reed tends to pair well with brighter mouthpieces such as Jody Jazz DVs or Jets, Theo Wanne Durgas, or Vandoren Jumbo Javas. 


D’Addario Woodwinds has announced the world’s ­first and only 100% Certified Organic reeds for saxophone and clarinet. The new D’Addario Organics brand is a promise that no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers are ever used in the growing, cultivating, sanitizing, or manufacturing processes. Now, D’Addario can offer a reed with unparalleled consistency and tonal quality that is also 100% Certified Organic, providing the highest level of comfort for players, educators, students, and their parents.