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Theo Wanne

Theo Wanne Durga 5 Mouthpiece - Baritone

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The DURGA 5 baritone enhances the expressive sound that the previous DURGA baritone mouthpieces are known for!  Creativity explodes out of this mouthpiece!!!

The DURGA 5 uses our new Small-Stadium-Chamber™  with an updated baffle design.   It is so versatile, it can be used for almost all types of music.  We are proud to say that Leo P (Too Many Zoos) James King (Lady Gaga), Mark Douthit (Elton John, Billy Joel, Joe Bonamassa) and Jamie Michael Harris (Michael Jackson) use the DURGA!

“I absolutely love the DURGA baritone mouthpiece.  This mouthpiece does the best job of any other mouthpiece I have ever had.  It plays perfect every time.” – Leo P (Too Many Zooz)

There has never been a mouthpiece designed like the DURGA 5 baritone.   There are many ‘secrets’ in this new design;)  The DURGA mouthpiece is so freeing, and fun to play, you won’t want to put your horn down!

Also, if you have watched the legendary TV show ‘The Simpson’s‘, then you have heard the DURGA baritone mouthpiece.  Lisa Simpson’s solos are all recorded on the DURGA!


Please allow 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment.