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Trevor James

Trevor James Grenadilla Wood Flute

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TJ Grenadilla wood flute

This is the beautiful free-blowing new TJ wooden flute which has been designed and crafted with a style appreciation to the wonderful wooden flute makers of past years!

  • Material: headjoint, body and footjoint in Grenadilla wood with silver-plated mechanism

  • Keywork : B foot and half offset G with E mechanism as standard

  • Headjoint : Grenadilla wood hand cut and finished by English flute headjoint maker Andrew Oxley

  • Pitch A=442

  • Case: Cherrywood case with purple lining

  • Case cover: TJ black canvas with shoulder strap

  • White gauze cloth
  • wooden cleaning rod  

Who is this flute designed for? 

Professional players who already have a precious metal flute and desire a wooden one which doesn’t break the bank. High level student and amateur flute players.