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Trevor James

Trevor James Series 8 Student Clarinet

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The new Trevor James Series 8 may be the best student model Bb clarinet we have encountered and we are excited to be able to bring it to you!

Key: Bb Clarinet 

Pitch: 442h 

Body: ABS resin 

Bore Size: 14.65mm 

Keywork: Silver Plated keys, 6 rings, adjustable thumb rest with cork pad and positional locking feature. Left-hand F/C adjustable mechanism. one-piece levers. ergonomic register key design as standard.

Tone Holes: Undercut

Springs: Blue Needle Springs

Barrel Lengths: 65mm and 64mm 

Pads: white premium quality leather pads with a chamfered cork speaker pad. Black felt bumpers.

Case: Cordura compact protective backpack style with shoulder strap and hand carrying features. Front pocket, high quality straps and fittings.