Buffet Crampon Tosca Bb Clarinet $5,295.00 – SOLD

Newly for sale is a Buffet Crampton Tosca Bb Clarinet. The Tosca Clarinet has a bold design and comfortable ergonomics. The sound has been described as warm, velvety, and extremely even and in tune throughout the clarinet. This instrument is approximately 6 months old and in excellent condition. Originally selected for us by one of the members of the VSO. Specifications are listed below.

Key: Bb
Pitch: 440/442 Hz
Body: natural African blackwood
Bore: poly-cylindrical according to the Buffet Crampon method
Tenons: metal-capped
Raised C# – G# tone hole
Barrels: 66 and 65mm
Keys: 19
Rings: 6
Thumb rest: adjustable
Eb lever: included
Low F correction key: included
Keywork finish: silver plated
Keywork and mecanic: highly reliable
Springs: blue steel springs for ease and accuracy of key movement
Pads: combination of GT pads (100% waterproof an breathable) and natural cork pads